Our Story

Ellie is a tender-hearted 6-year-old with a stubborn will to match. In the summer of 2017, Ellie was diagnosed with a rare kidney condition called nephrotic syndrome (NS) after she began retaining water. Several months later, a kidney biopsy revealed she had an even more rare form of NS called Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis, or FSGS. Her kidneys were leaking out proteins from her blood and causing permanent scarring of...

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Ellie Mullins

Lubbock, TX

Transplant Type: Kidney

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $55,000.00

Raised: $57,602 of $55,000 goal

Raised by 99 contributors


Reflecting on a Year


We spent yesterday driving to and from Fort Worth for Ellie's monthly clinic visit. It was exactly one year since we'd set foot in the dialysis clinic at... Continue Reading »

Minor Setbacks


The past several days have been very frustrating! As we are just a phone call away from a life-giving transplant, any potential setbacks can be devastating. Ellie started... Continue Reading »

The Waiting Begins!


As of January 26th, 2021, Ellie is officially active on the waiting list for a kidney! When mom told Ellie that she is on the waiting list, Ellie... Continue Reading »

Counting Down the Days


We are nearing the end of Ellie's transplant evaluation with our last appointment in just a few days! We will meet with an infectious disease specialist and with... Continue Reading »

$10k Donor Match through January!


We have an anonymous donor who is very generously matching up to $10,000 in donations for COTA for Ellie's Hope from now through the end of January!! We... Continue Reading »

Getting Ready for Transplant Evaluation


Fundraising Event Update: Garage Sale


Did you know we have a small team of volunteers who support and plan fundraising events? We are incredibly blessed to have friends and family that were trained... Continue Reading »

Checking off the List!


Ellie finished up several requirements necessary for being listed on the transplant list this past week. A dental clearance required her to have two small cavities filled and... Continue Reading »

Giving Tuesday Final Results!


Thank you so much for your generosity - final numbers are in from Giving Tuesday and together we raised $9,715 for COTA for Ellie's Hope!! We are incredibly... Continue Reading »