Checking off the List!

Ellie finished up several requirements necessary for being listed on the transplant list this past week. A dental clearance required her to have two small cavities filled and thank the Lord she did amazing during the entire process! She also had sonograms done to check the vessels in her pelvis, and lots more blood work. We also met with the pharmacist, dietician, and the Child Life Specialist met with Ellie to help her understand what to expect. It was a very draining week but we’re glad to have the bulk of everything done now. At the end of January she’ll be done with everything they need in order to list her. At that point we will have some individuals tested to see if they are a match to be a living donor! This would allow us to schedule the transplant surgery and provide a healthier kidney for Ellie. But whatever happpens, she’s in God’s great hands and we’re so thankful for all the may ways people have supported us!

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