Reflecting on a Year

We spent yesterday driving to and from Fort Worth for Ellie’s monthly clinic visit. It was exactly one year since we’d set foot in the dialysis clinic at Cook’s and started dialysis training, one year since Ellie was listed as inactive on the transplant waiting list. Little did we realize, her journey with kidney failure would become tangled up alongside a global pandemic. As we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House, we learned that the surgery to repostition her PD catheter would have to be postponed and we had to make arrangements for her sister to leave the Ronald McDonald House as restrictions were rapidly tightening. It made for a very difficult start to dialysis for her as she had a hard time dealing with the all the new changes and the unecessary pain due to her catheter migrating. We were, however, grateful for the extra time we had together.

Fast forward to now, and we’re dealing with some frustrating challenges as we’re nearing the end of dialysis. Because of her scare with peritonitis, she’s been inactive on the list until she’s been cleared of an infection. Normally they keep patients inactive until four weeks post completion of antibiotic treatment. Now she’s just completed two weeks of antibiotics and they are waiting on another round of cultures, then they will discuss as a team when they can take her off hold. Her doctor is trying to push to get her placed back on immediately. 

And lastly, a bit of great news. We know that she’s high on the list as they’ve had several matches come through while she’s been on hold. We are thankful that the timing is ultimately in God’s hands. Hope to update again soon.

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