Minor Setbacks

The past several days have been very frustrating! As we are just a phone call away from a life-giving transplant, any potential setbacks can be devastating. Ellie started showing signs of peritonitis, a serious infection in the membrane that surrounds her abdominal organs. Thankfully, our dialysis training gave us the experience to know exactly what to do and we started antibiotic therapy immediately during dialysis. We sent in samples of her fluids from dialysis and they came back with a high cell count, indicating infection. We were crushed. You can’t receive a transplant with an active infection and this particular infection threatened her ability to recieve the very type of dialysis that gives her the most freedom. So we prayed. Her doctor called back the second day to tell us that nothing grew in the cultures! No more signs of infection! They aren’t sure exactly what was/is going on, and we continue her antibiotic therapy out of caution. Her symptoms are gone and dialysis is working better again. And she’ll be ready for a transplant again very soon!


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