Counting Down the Days

We are nearing the end of Ellie’s transplant evaluation with our last appointment in just a few days! We will meet with an infectious disease specialist and with the transplant director. She’s completed all the tests and lab work they require for the evaluation and she will be listed very soon! One by one, they will test potential living donors to see if anyone is a match for Ellie. If we can’t find a match, or a deceased donor kidney becomes available first, we have to be ready to rush to Fort Worth the moment they call us. This is adding to all the nerves but we are trying our best to get ready. Ellie and mom have to stay in Fort Worth for 3 months post transplant so they can closely monitor her immunosuppression levels.

We cannot begin to express how all your donations have allowed COTA to bless us during this time. We can absolutely focus 100 percent of our efforts to Ellie and her medical care and our family as a whole. We are so grateful to have your support!

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