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Meet Jackson! Or, as we like to call him, Jax. A tough name for a tough little dude.  Our 20-week ultrasound started out like his sisters’. We got to see his hands, feet, head and all of the important parts! But, as a mom, you get a sense when something isn’t right. As I sat in the OB’s exam room, she explained that Jax’s bladder, kidneys and ureters were all...

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Jax Sutton

Noblesville, IN

Transplant Type: Kidney

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $60,000.00

Raised: $55,549 of $60,000 goal

Raised by 251 contributors


Post Transplant trip to Holiday Village


Last night we took the kids to the @themagicoflights at Deer Creek (it will always be Deer Creek to me) to see the drive through light display and... Continue Reading »

Our home away from home


Here for his stent removal tomorrow morning. Praying this is our last overnight for a long time! Continue Reading »

Jax Update


Hey everyone! Thanks for all of the prayers and good vibes! Jax has a confirmed UTI and the rhinoenterovirus aka stomach bug! He is feeling much better this... Continue Reading »

Superman has left the building!


Superman has left the building! After 9 days in the hospital and one shiny, new kidney later, we have been discharged!! All of the doctors, nurses and staff... Continue Reading »

Post Transplant Update


Jax had another great day! Lots of playtime on the floor with Matt and Nana! He stood up and walked a few steps to me - poor kiddo... Continue Reading »

Transplant Update!


Hi everyone! Transplant Update! Jax’s new kidney, Sunny, is doing well! Why Sunny? Because his new kidney came from the sunshine state, Florida! He’s doing well - as... Continue Reading »

Leaving For Cincinnati Today!


As we left the neighborhood today in route to Cincinnati, I was just blown away yet again with the love, compassion, generosity and friendship that surrounds us! We... Continue Reading »

New Transplant Date Set


The third time is a charm, right? I think (I hope) it’s safe to share that we have been matched in the National Kidney Registry Paired Exchange Program... Continue Reading »

Transplant Update


We found out today that Matt is no longer a donor candidate at this time for Jackson.  On a positive note, Jackson and I matched in the National... Continue Reading »