Transplant Update!

Hi everyone! Transplant Update!

Jax’s new kidney, Sunny, is doing well! Why Sunny? Because his new kidney came from the sunshine state, Florida! He’s doing well – as expected – in the PICU. He’ll be there for several days and then transferred to the transplant floor. His labs look great! BUN and Creatinine are good! His new kidney is making urine! #Hallelujah

My surgery also went well and I am still in the hospital. I definitely underestimated the pain I would be in and haven’t made it to the PICU yet to see Jax.

We had a couple of min to see each other yesterday after I left recovery and he was heading into pre-op. He was so happy and definitely tried to climb in my lap!

The girls are doing great with their Nana at home and did a little baking this afternoon!

Thank you so much for all of your messages sent to Matt and myself. We appreciate all of the love and support!

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