Transplant Update

We found out today that Matt is no longer a donor candidate at this time for Jackson. 

On a positive note, Jackson and I matched in the National Kidney Registration Paired Exchange Program, however, that fell apart as well. And that means that either they rejected my kidney or the kidney they proposed for Jackson was rejected by our transplant team – either could be for a variety of reasons. But it was definitely encouraging to see us match so soon after becoming active. 

So, with all of that, we have the biggest request of our lives to ask you. 

If you feel led and would like to find out more information about how you could possibly donate a kidney to Jackson and be his hero, we would be forever grateful. You can fill out this questionnaire for more info. We are not given any information on who fills this out. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Matt, Katie, Reagan, Olivia & Jax

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