Post Transplant trip to Holiday Village

Last night we took the kids to the @themagicoflights at Deer Creek (it will always be Deer Creek to me) to see the drive through light display and check out the Holiday Village. We figured it was a safe activity to do since it was outside and we are still in the “most immunocompromised phase” of post transplant. The kids had a blast! They all loved the lights and we got to see Santa! 3 light up necklaces, two holiday lollipops and one hot chocolate later It was so nice to go out as a family and not have to worry about Jax throwing up in public, injections that needed to be done, and a dialysis machine that needed to be primed and setup, etc! We still had to make sure Jax ate by 830 and had his very important transplant med, Tacro, by 930pm and we cathed him before bed, but that was easy compared to our previous life so thankful for Jackson’s new kidney and to be able to do these things as a family now

One thought on “Post Transplant trip to Holiday Village

  1. Oh,what a precious pic. We have been following Jax and all the progress of all of those involved have made. We are praising God that all of the set backs and dark times have been over come. Our Prayers will not cease. GOD BLESS ALL 5 OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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