New Transplant Date Set

The third time is a charm, right? I think (I hope) it’s safe to share that we have been matched in the National Kidney Registry Paired Exchange Program and the transplant is a GO for next Tuesday, October 25th! We are beyond excited, nervous, and cautiously optimistic – all the feels!

This sweet Angel on earth has a donor – I don’t have many details other than it’s a female “who is highly motivated to donate” per our transplant team, so I can only assume she is doing the same thing I’m doing and donating a kidney for a loved one. A recipient of my kidney has also been identified. I hope to get a little more info next Monday.

I will do my best to keep this page updated as we go through this process! We leave Monday morning for Cincinnati with a Monday afternoon admission for Jax. My surgery is at 630am on the 25th and he will be in the afternoon around 2 pm. Any and all good thoughts, good vibes, prayers, etc would be much appreciated for a smooth and uneventful surgery and recovery for all involved!

A huge, emotional thank you to all of our family and friends who expressed an interest in getting tested! So many of you filled out the questionnaire and even got as far as the cheek swab test for Jax. We could never thank you enough for even considering making such a huge sacrifice for our sweet boy!

We feel like these last three years our life was put on pause – we missed out on so many things and we cannot wait to live our best lives after the transplant! The only way to go is UP from here!!

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