Josiah’s Gift

Josiah received a very special gift today.
Everlee Rose was our neighbor in the CPCU several times. Every time we passed her door, we stopped to read the new Bible verses her family put up. They were always so encouraging. Everlee was waiting for her new heart as well. She got her heart in January. Unfortunately, her little body was so tired and she was called home.
Everlee was kind of my very hard wake up call. Up to that point, I treated getting a new heart as the “quick fix”. If we could only get to a heart, we’ll be done and can move on. She made me rethink this whole process and realize I need to fully trust in God’s timing and not grow bitter.
I never met her Mom, Becky, in person, but we were able to connect on Facebook a few times. Becky is one of the strongest woman I know. She has been a role model to me on how to navigate this impossible situation with godly grace and gratitude. Even after Everlee’s passing, she saw I was struggling and went out of her way to encourage me even though it should have been the other way around. I am forever grateful for the legacy this little girl and her family have left and continue to leave.
Becky and Joe gave us a copy of Everlee’s favorite book, “Ruby Flew Too”. A sweet story about how some children do things on their own time. As a mom of special needs children, this is an encouraging reminder that it’s ok not to hit milestones at the same time and to have grace with your child and yourself.
Thank you so much Becky Cann-Dusenberry for this precious gift. Thank you for your continued encouragement and your grace. Thank you for Everlee.
Josiah's Gift

Josiah Hansen

Aurora, CO

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