Josiah is 10 months old!

Sweet baby Josiah
10 months old!
Days waiting for a heart: 267
Favorite things: Fish videos, playing on the mat with brother and sissy, sitting up, my octopus toy, pretzels!
Hates: My nasal cannula, NG tube, PT (depending on my mood), when my family leaves.
First’s this month:
*First time meeting my Great Aunt T!
*First month I have really started exploring with my mouth and sounds
I still love when my sibling come to visit. I love sitting at my window and watching cars drive by and the rain. I am still on isolation for at least another two weeks ???? I was able to get retested for Rhinovirus as I am FINALLY asymptomatic. I tested negative for Rhino, but positive for the og coronavirus (NOT Covid-19). The hospitals policy is not to retest for two weeks after the last positive even with no symptoms, so I’m still stuck in my room. Mommy can’t wait to get me out of my four walls, especially now that it’s warm outside!
Also, my Great Aunt Gale needs to be at every photo session, she can get me to smile like no other! (Although I was too busy looking at her to look at the camera!)
Hopefully this will be the month my heart comes!
Our milestone verse today comes from the story of Noah’s Ark in Genesis. I feel like it is extremely fitting, especially with June being Pride month. Everyone, including nonbelievers, typically knows “40 days and 40 nights”. I don’t think many people, including believers, think about the fact that that was NOT the end of their time on the Ark.
That’s just how long it rained.
The Bible says the earth remained flooded for 150 days. Then God remembered Noah. The waters started to recede. The Ark came to rest on the Mountains of Ararat after 7 months. Even after that, they didn’t see the tips of mountains until the 10th month. Right now, I feel like we are waiting for our waters to recede. I feel stuck in our Ark just waiting for something, anything, to happen.
But God remembered Noah.
He remembers Josiah. God sent us the Rainbow as His promise that He will never destroy the earth again by flood. I am taking this verse as my promise that we will see the tip of our mountain someday soon. ????????
“The waters continued to recede until the TENth month, and on the first day of the tenth month the tops of the mountains became visible.”
??Genesis? ?8?:?5?
*If you have never actually read the story of Noah’s Ark, I encourage you to. It’s found in Genesis 6-8. It is an incredible story of faith, perseverance, and thanksgiving.*

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