October 13th

This was the first week we didn’t have an appointment up north! We did have cardiac rehab on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday we had to do blood work but was able to do it at St.Mary’s. We are really busy in pushing fluids to make her kidney’s happy. We are trying to drink every two hours when we start our day at 9am with meds. This isn’t a life time problem but she was dyhydrated and her kidneys were not happy. She is working really hard on this. Its hard when your vocal cords have been paralyzed from surgery and you have to thicken your liquids. She says it disgusting. Shes a champ and working really hard on it. We are still working hard on her breathing excercises. Her last chest xray was better but again still working hard on that. She did go to Image Group to get her school pictures! I can’t wait to get those! She had her birthday last week! It was a big party! We have a lot to celebrate! Happy 16th bday Mia!! She loves her birthday and definitely considers it one of her favorite holidays! We did go to a few stores today so she could spend her gift cards! She enjoyed that and was learning how much things cost. She couldn’t get everything she wanted so she had to make a decision on what to keep and what to save for next time. It was hard for her to decide what to put back but we did it! Next week we have up north appointment on Tuesday. Cardiac rehab M-W. School on some days. Thanks again for all the love and prayers as we continue to heal and get better. Please pray for her in her drinking. Thanks for the support and we truely appreciate it. We got this!!!! Because of all of you!

Love  The Martin’s

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