November 29, 2023

All is good! We have been busy with homebound school, cardiac rehab, blood work, and doctors appointment! Mia decided last minute to dress up for Halloween! She decided to dress up as one of her favorite cardiac surgeon! It was a cold Halloween but she went to some of the people houses that she knew! We saw quite of few doctors these last few weeks. We had some follow ups so we made quite of few trips up north. We seen pulmonary, nephrology, cardiology, ENT, CT of chest, kidney ultrasound, othrodontist, dermatologist and a cardiac cath. We had all this before Thanksgiving! Her Cardiac cath the biopsy came back good! She will get her next cath in 3m. Thanksgiving was good! We enjoyed eating all the good food! We have a swallow test next week along with endocrinologist , cardiology, and hematology. Then we get to enjoy the rest of the month with less appointments! Happy Holidays everyone! We are so blessed and grateful for our donor and there family!

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