Post Op Day 34

We had a wonderful day out on the town yesterday with Harper and her mom! Last night, Avery said it was the first day in awhile that she felt like life was back to normal for a little bit! Loved to hear that.
We went to the museum center which is in a historic train station with 5 or 6 different museums in it. We did the “bricktionary” Lego exhibit and the children’s museum. We then went to dinner and had some ice cream at Cincinnati’s famous Graeter’s Ice Cream!
In the hospital, everything is packaged or carb amounts are given to us automatically. When we order door dash we have only been ordering from places that have their carbs listed online. Last night was our first meal that we had to “guesstimate” the carb amount because the restaurant didn’t have the nutritional information available. We are happy with our work although we have some room for improvement as she did need a few corrections overnight, but I blame the ice cream!
Avery’s sugars have been a bit more labile the last few days compared to the weeks before. She’s been above the range multiple times and below range once throughout the night and day for the past few days. The team changed her carb ratio to 1:28 (down from 1:30) and will see how that works for her over the next few days.
Today she’s been a bit more uncomfortable and having some pain. Guessing it’s related to new foods she had yesterday but we will see what the team has to say tomorrow. Overall, it was a great (last???) weekend in the hospital.
Tonight, when Emmy and I were walking back to the room for bed, we saw this beautiful rainbow over Ronnie’s house. It caused a feeling of comfort I didn’t know I was needing!

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