3 (Actually 4) Month Post Op

Avery and I had a great week in Cincinnati last week for her 3 (actually 4) month follow up!!
Some of the highlights from the week:
– We changed her to a carb ratio of 1 to 75. If her body does well with it after a week or so, we can stop carb counting and just have the basal rate!!! This is a big win but we are wanting to make sure her cells are ready and that we don’t rush it.
– Her mixed meal test is still pending but based on what was back by our appointment time, it showed her body gets her sugars back down to normal by the 2 hrs mark on its own but her own insulin didn’t peak until 1hr when they want it to be 30mins. Just means her cells are a little sluggish still but they will perk up more and more with time.
– The last month or so, we have been battling against some antibiotic side effects. Her liver levels were getting too high and therefore her team has decided to stop all of her infection related antibiotics. Her liver labs are starting to trend down and head in the right direction.
– Still trying to find the sweet spot with her pancreatic enzymes and her Prilosec. We went up in her Prilosec dose and it seems to be working better.
– Her body is still fighting her scar healing! Her incision scar has finally completely closed. Now her feeding tube scar is the area giving her issues with overproduction of the scar tissue.
– Avery’s top highlight: she got to hang out with her friends at Sea?crest Studios again and help host some shows!
Overall, couldn’t have been happier with all the positive news we got last week. Such an amazing change from last Spring during our first visit! We will be back at the beginning of December for her 6 month follow ups!

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