Post Op Day 47

???? We are heading towards home today!! ????
Today is day one of returning to normal life and I can’t wait! Plan is to stay the night in Memphis tonight and celebrate Jarret’s birthday with a dinner on Beale Street! We will head the rest of the way late morning Sunday and hope to return home to our house, beds, puppies, and friends Sunday evening!
I am full of so many emotions this morning as I lay here, soaking in what these past two months have been for our family. We will leave Cincinnatti today grateful, humbled, hopeful.
Grateful for the new chance Avery has been given to live a happy, pain-free life, the friends we’ve met along the way, and the love and support we have been shown by all of you.
Humbled by the strength and resilience the families of Ronnie’s house have. By the care and compassion our team has shown us. And by the immense pride I feel knowing we are apart of the Cincy TPIAT family forever.
And hopeful for a future of bright lights and happiness for Avery. This has been quite the journey. As we get back to our new normal at home, I imagine memories of these past 2 months will find their way into our thoughts and days ahead. Processing has likely only begun for all of us but I know in my heart, this was the right decision for our little girl and our job as her parents is to allow nothing to get in her way of changing this world.
We spent our last night in town catching (Emmy) and running from (Avery) lightning bugs as we walked around the most beautiful park with our friend Tommy and his mom, Mary. To have been able to walk this journey together, with a mom that understands everything piece and detail, has been the biggest gift I could have ever received. Mary – stay strong, keep going. The beauty and peace of nature is awaiting you on the other side of this crazy experience. Although we are from two different places, I have no doubt we will remain connected forever. Tommy – keep fighting hard little buddy. You are doing an amazing job and will be heading home soon, too! Keep your head up and your heart full. ‘Merica (with a hard chest/fist bump) ????????????

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