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My name is Amanda.  I was born March 29th, 1987.  After countless tests over a three month period, I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), which is a terminal illness.   CF is a gene carried by both parents and both of my parents carried the same gene.  I happened to get both of the genes from my parents.  My mom had eight children and I am the second oldest, and...

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Amanda Minks

Scottsdale, AZ

Transplant Type: Lung

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $30,000.00

Raised: $15,188 of $30,000 goal

Raised by 70 contributors


17 days post transplant


17 days post transplant and I am home making meals again. Walking and keeping active. Over this last week I had to get nearly 2L of fluids drained.... Continue Reading »

How I’m doing 12 days post transplant


Today is day 12 post double lung transplant. Two nights ago I had to come back to the ER because my sugar level was out of whack. When... Continue Reading »

I got new lungs


I got my call October 5th at 406pm! Had the surgery October 6 around 6 on. I was off the ventilator 12 hours later. Slept all the next... Continue Reading »

Blog 7. OFFICIALLY on the lung transplant list ????


Good evening! I finally got the news I am officially on the lung transplant list! Hearing the words "let's get you listed" was pretty awesome! Now it's just... Continue Reading »

Blog 6- the depression of not being with family is setting in


I've been in AZ a months now. Days are long and boring. I have appointments I go to once maybe twice a week. That's the only interaction I... Continue Reading »

Blog 5- Exciting news!


VERY exciting news I got today! I've been approved for AZ Medicaid! All I'm waiting on is for them to put me on Mercy. As that is who... Continue Reading »

Blog 4- mental health


Today I had to redo my AZ Medicaid application over the phone. Hoping I get accepted this week! ???????????? As soon as I am, I'll be on the... Continue Reading »

Blog 3 – One day closer


This morning I went to the DMV and got an AZ ID card. I was told I needed it. So, I got it.  Even though I cancelled my... Continue Reading »

Blog 2. The excitement of getting my story out there


Well, today I cancelled my Nevada Medicaid. My brother Will is helping me apply for Arizona Medicaid tonight when he gets off work. Hopefully it won't take long... Continue Reading »