Blog 3 – One day closer

This morning I went to the DMV and got an AZ ID card. I was told I needed it. So, I got it. 

Even though I cancelled my Nevada Medicaid, it’s still active for the rest of the month. Then my AZ application can go through. Sitting here waiting and not much to do and not being with family or my pups makes for a super slow day. Dad and I did have an early lunch at a park close by. There were a dozen ducks. Dad fed them bread. I was making a sandwich and I had leaned over to reach for the cilantro and one of the ducks stole my bread! ???? It got hot fast so we were only there maybe an hour. Nothing else to do since it’s so hot out. I play mind games on my phone. I do some daily stretching. I love crime shows, so I watch the ID channel. I fell asleep watching a show and my mind took in what was said on the TV and made me dream it. It was crazy!

Two nights ago I had the worst low blood sugar I ever had. And now I’m even more scared to get this transplant. I’m going to do it no doubt. Just scared. As I’m sure anyone would be. People often ask or wonder if we know we are going to die as it happens. I believe 100% that if your body is slowly giving out and shutting down you know your dying. My blood sugars dropped to 25! Thank God my brother was home. And thank God I woke up feeling it’s low. As soon as I woke up I went to go get some raisins as reasons rise my sugars pretty fast. by the time I went to the cabinet to get the raisins I was too far gone to eat them. Had an experience I never want to be in again! I saw my Nana. She was just standing there like she was waiting for me. Then shakes her head no. Like telling me don’t give up. Fight to stay awake till I got help. It was so hard. I was screaming and crying “I don’t want to die. Please God don’t take me now”. If my brother wasnt home I wouldn’t be here to tell you about that night. 

It’s getting a little harder to breathe every day. I was mopping the floor and I had to take a few rest brakes. I know my body and I’m sure I’ll be admitted in 2 weeks. For IV meds and steroids. Getting those meds is like a recharge. Think of it like your phone. The battery sowly drains. And you charge it so you can keep using it. My body drains and the IVs keep me going. Hope that makes sense. 


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