How I’m doing 12 days post transplant

Today is day 12 post double lung transplant. Two nights ago I had to come back to the ER because my sugar level was out of whack. When I got home and using the insulin at home my sugars were over 400 and over 600. So I threw that vial out and asked my doctor to send a new script to get a new vial. I tried all day Saturday to get them to refill my prescription. My insurance didn’t want to pay for it because they said that it was too new or soon to refill. That I I had just picked up a bottle on the 6th period I said that is no way possible because I was in the hospital on the 6th. So there is no way for me to get insulin unless I went to the ER period so that’s what I did. My blood sugar was 1159. So I had to be put in ICU for IV drip bag. they got my numbers pretty stable for the most part. But I can’t leave the hospital until the insurance wants to pay for insulin. Hopefully today they will and I can go back home. Last night they put the oxygen back on cuz my stats were low. They sit at 88 on room air. They sit at 95 with oxygen on period so I don’t know what is going with on with that. That’s the latest with me I’ll let you all know what’s going on in a couple days thanks for taking the time to read.

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