Blog 7. OFFICIALLY on the lung transplant list ????

Good evening! I finally got the news I am officially on the lung transplant list! Hearing the words “let’s get you listed” was pretty awesome! Now it’s just the waiting game. Several friends of mine say waiting for the call messes with your head a lot. I know it’s still new to me but the way I see it is every day is one day closer. Not knowing when the call will come is not really a bad thing, for me anyways. I been waiting for months and doing tests after test and jumping through hoops waiting for the news of me getting on the list. So as of right now, I don’t really feel a difference.just… more waiting. I trust in Gods timing and I know I’ll get them. And as scared as I am of not making it through the surgery, I know I will. I’m a fighter and I still have so much to live for. Things to do. Memories to make. And that’s what is going to keep me alive.  ??

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