Blog 6- the depression of not being with family is setting in

I’ve been in AZ a months now. Days are long and boring. I have appointments I go to once maybe twice a week. That’s the only interaction I really get with people. I’m home sick. I miss my family. I miss my boys (dogs). I miss my bed. I miss HOME. I have ESA letters for both of my boys. Signed by my psychiatrist/psychologist in Vegas. I have bad depry and I am bipolar. Which doesn’t help. Where I’m staying they don’t allow kids or pets. I thought it was against the law to deny a person their esa animal especially when they’re signed by their psychiatrist/psychologist. I’m not doing well with my mental health right now. And as we all know… Mental health plays a huge part in everything you do. So I have emailed my therapist here in AZ. I understand they don’t want dogs here because they jump on you and that’s not good after transplant. But what I don’t understand is why I can’t have them till I get the call. I’m waiting on my therapist to get back to me. My boys are a HUGE part of me. For 14 years I’ve had my basenji with me at all times and sleeps with me. (Not while admitted). And for the last 6 years I’ve had my dobie by my side and sleeps with me as well. Now I’m in an empty bed. And it’s getting to me pretty bad. I cry off and on because I just miss and need them. 


This weekend a few of my family members are coming down here to visit me. I won’t have my boys but I’ll be able to see most of my family members. So I am looking forward to that. ????

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