Follow up on CT Scan – November 17, 2020

Ava Jaymes did great at her CT scan yesterday. They got some new information and confirmation on what they were thinking. Her left lung airway is being pinched off and is not supplying adequate oxygen to the heart?. But also, like they thought, her lower left vessel in her heart is narrowing and hardening. No sign of rejection yet, but they will have to do another biopsy in a few weeks. The doctors are going back and forth on if they want to put in a stent for her lung but they are waying out the good and bad with it.

Ava Jaymes is nothing short of amazing. She has her bad days and tries to fight the nurses and I don’t blame her, but she forgives easy and loves to smile like her momma!


Ava Jaymes Stemhagen

Moses Lake, WA

Transplant Type: Heart

Transplant Status: Transplanted

Goal: $50,000.00

Raised: $18,739 of $50,000 goal

Raised by 74 contributors

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