Getting closer – December 30, 2020

Ava Jaymes got kicked out of the hospital again.  She is still using her nasogastric tube (NG-tube) for feeding while her big gastrostomy tube (G-tube) heals.  She will be re-admitted Tuesday for her G-tube to be made a feeding tube (GJ-Tube) and her next round of procedures.  Kyle did discharge all by himself today!!!! I have to give him a gold star for sure!! Some days I need a break from the hospital.  Now with only one parent being allowed in the hospital, it just sucks a little more. 

The last blood I saw, showed that her white and red blood cells counts have gone back to normal.  Hopefully, stopping lovenox was the ticket! Momma doesn’t like giving her two shots a day.  But we should be one step closer to going home!! *Knock on Wood*!!

– Stephanie – 


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