Thursday, 4/22

Havens’ fever has subsided and she had another good day today!

The nurses removed one chest tube, her external pacing wires and her arterial line today as well.

She still has one chest tube in place to drain any excess fluid.  Her kidney numbers are great and she did not need any pain medication all day. Her overall heart function numbers are fair but that is expected after major surgery.

Haven did start coughing after drinking, so they did another swallow study and deemed that she needs nectar-thickened liquids. Doctor scheduled a video swallow study with the otolaryngologist tomorrow at 10:30 to determine if she is ready for injections again, which help her damaged vocal cords.  She will remain on bipap and a nasal cannula for oxygen breaks while in the ICU, though they think she is fit enough to move floors once a room opens up. 

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