Monday, May 3rd

As was stated in the previous post, Haven was discharged on Sunday, April 25th after being in hospital only 6 days.

They were asked to stay in Seattle because being on ventilator irritated her vocal cords and caused her to cough when swallowing. She was also placed on nectar thickened liquids.

Haven received vocal cord injections on Tuesday 27th and was admitted for observation. The admittance ended up being a good thing as they found a blood clot in her arm and she fought a slight fever after the procedure.  They were discharged from the hospital again late Wednesday and drove home that evening. 

She is on sterns precautions until the end of May due to the clot, so she can’t use her arms to push or pull herself. She’s tired but still showing increasing energy each day.  Haven had lab work done this morning to check levels and now takes a medication to break up blood clot.

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