Initial Surgery Results Successful for Both John & Patty – 3/17/21

This morning at around 8:00am, Patty went in for her surgery to remove her kidney. The surgery was successful. At 9:15am, John went in for his kidney transplant surgery. Also successful!

John has been transferred to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. When Mike spoke with John’s surgeon, she was very happy with everything, and apparently the new kidney started working right away. Patty’s medical team also reported that her surgery went really well with no complications. 

Mike was actually able to see Patty today, which we didn’t know if that would be able to happen. It turns out she was not allowed any visitors prior to surgery, but post-surgery she is allowed two named visitors, but only one at a time. So Mike got to see her today. She was in a bit more pain than expected, but is handling it well. As of tomorrow (Thursday), Jenn will be Patty’s primary visitor. 

You can see the videos that John made about surgery over at the Lonely Lane Instagram and Facebook pages (@lonelylanefarms).

We are so grateful for all the support and prayers received today. Please keep them coming as we move into recovery mode!

Drawing done for John today by family friend Kanan


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  1. Wonderful news! I will spread to word to the many people in the market community who love and care about your family.

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